inditramp in a new adventure - The 100 Beach Ride

1 fatbike, 1 unsupported rider, 1000 kilometres, 100+ beaches along the Konkan coast

#100BeachRide inditramp.jpg
Follow my journey as I cycle across the Konkan coast, through pristine beaches kissed by the sea, cliffs that overlook isolated bays, sleepy hamlets and Konkani thalis washed down with sol kadi.

Now that I've told you about the good bits and got it out of the way... follow my journey also for the days when all I'll see is continuous rain, bad stretches of road, when I scratch my head (oops helmet!) to try to remember why I planned this tour in this Season. But I'm on my way & as you read this, cycling to the beats of the dhol, tasha and lezim along the Konkan belt. Mazha barobar chala (Come with me).



Follow my ride through vignettes of picturesque beaches & quaint villages, share in on local tradition & the famous Konkani cuisine. My ride through road, sand, rains, occasional sun, all on Instagram.

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