Our Vision is to help connect people to the outdoors. Our Mission is to encourage and enable people to opt for the outdoors with trekking and bikepacking adventures through this beautiful country that is India.

inditramp believes in sharing complete tenets of outdoor culture. So whether you’re someone new to outdoor or a seasoned veteran, we endeavour to share all relevant information. Be it trekking/bikepacking history, recommending the right gear, trails & routes, accomplishments & lessons, literature or current events.

We fiercely believe in endorsing trails and adventures that we have embarked on ourselves. These are all first-hand experiences we share. And the same ethic extends to the gear we review. So that you have the most accurate & helpful insight when you set off on your adventure.

A li’l History

inditramp was born of an unfulfilled need. What started as a kindling idea in August 2015 is today one of the most popular "boutique" trekking & hiking resources in India. It's edited and organized by avid outdoorsman Bharat Singh Bhadwal (that's me in 2018).


Editorial Focus

We are good content focussed and have up fresh & varied curated content every week. We publish about 180 days a year and average 3 content pieces per week.

We focus on gear, routes and technique. We also share the latest news, fitness guides, opinion pieces, healthy eating recipes, book and movie recommendations for those days inside. Is there anything else you’d like us to cover, let us know.

What Supports Us?

The website is supported by ABC. Affiliations, Beneficent reader donations, Category-related advertisements and the great feedback and motivation from all our readers.

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