August 2014

Two friends are frustrated when looking for trekking information in India. There is a huge pile of information that is available online, however the bulk of it is fragmented, out of date or just poorly written. They vow to do something about it...

August 2015, a year later...

inditramp is born and it publishes its first trekking article. All our articles adhere to our philosophy of free, reproducible and quality content.


inditramp's mission is to help anyone make better and informed decisions about trekking gear and destinations in India. From novices who are heading out for their first trek, to experts who are putting together a multi day trekking itinerary; inditramp provides everyone with relevant trekking information that helps them plan and execute their own trek.




We're committed to quality content and a well thought out article takes time to write and edit. This is the reason why we cover one, and only one destination or topic every month. A monthly schedule gives us the time to ensure that our content meets our strict quality criteria.



We encourage our readers to be outdoors and experience the treks that we write about. Which is why we share routes and waypoints for every trek that we tackle. These free downloads ensure that every bit of information which we write about is first hand, free of conjecture and reproducible.



All information on inditramp is free for its readers. Always was, always will be. Free content gives our readers the freedom to use this information however they want and to share it with whoever they like. 



The seven leave no trace principles guide us in all our travels. With every trek, we try and bring back at least one bag of existing litter and we encourage our readers to participate as well. Green is also the reason why we chose the internet as our paperless publishing medium.



We believe that the only way to show respect and empathy for our readers is to provide them with a clean, distraction free and easy to use reading environment. This is the reason why you will never find annoying popups or garish typography on our website.