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Calculated risks - hiking through a Himalayan snowstorm (a photo gallery)

Does blistering cold and foul winter weather mean staying indoor next to a roaring fire and drinking warm chocolate? Apparently not for us, at team inditramp. Our weatherman (accuweather) had predicted a snowstorm in the higher reaches the next day and we figured that staying indoors would be too easy. So The previous evening we finalised our day walking route i.e. around Chorgala meadow (read more about this trek) and proceeded to load “base camp 1” a.k.a our faithful four wheel drive with gear. Here’s a photo-log of what happened the next day.

Patnitop to Sudh Mahadev Temple - A Day Trek

Explore colossal vultures, a tiger decked temple, majestic peaks and mesmerising views in this day trek. This 15 kilometre, moderate difficulty trek starts from Patnitop (J&K) and ends at the historical temple at Sudh Mahadev (J&K). It's a long day walk over a defined trail with a sharp descent at the end. Water is available throughout this route.

Trekking to a yet unnamed ridge over Patnitop

This difficult day trek along an unnamed ridge overlooking Patnitop shall challenge you with a tough climb and an equally hairy descent. The day trek starts and ends at Patnitop. The trekking route takes you though a forest, over boulders to a beautiful meadow and finally down a steep mountainside. Total distance is just over 10 kilometres and it takes around 5 hours to complete.

Climbing "Billo ki Powri"

"Billo ki powri" is 270 steps carved in rock face and it towers over Kud town. These stairs bear an uncanny resemblance to the straight stair over Cirith Ungol that Tolkien writes about in his book, The Lord of the Rings. Although the exact date of this landmark is debatable and lost in the shrouds of time, locals claim it was built by the former king of Chenani as a shorter and easier access to Batote town.