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The 5 gadgets that are always in my backpack

We've been often asked about the electronic gadgets we carry on our trek. Here's our list of the 5 gadgets we absolutely don't leave without. Life is so much simpler with them, these basic must-own gadgets ably equip us on our treks. This list of life-saving, trek-saving and memory-saving items should help you decide what makes it to your backpack.

Early Impressions: Hi-Tec Alpha Trail Mid WP

Hi-Tec’s Alpha Trail Mid WP is a mid-weight, three season, mid-cut boot with a leather upper. It’s Unique Selling Point (USP) is that it is the only boot in India with a Vibram sole that retails for under Rs. 5000. So how do these boots feel after 7 days & 150 kilometres trekking in the Dhauladhars? Find out in our short preview.

Online stores for hiking & trekking gear in India - A compendium

With the start of the 2016 trekking season, most trekkers will be looking to buy new outdoor gear or to replace their frayed and existing gear. 2015-16 has seen a tectonic shift in the Indian outdoor gear market. The choices available to the Indian trekker have increased exponentially with international majors, homegrown brands and dedicated retail outdoor outlets setting up shop in India. Today we compile a list of various trekking gear brands, online stores and gear buying options available to the Indian trekker this trekking season.

What’s in our camera bag?

A lot of readers have asked us to share our photo gear and what we carry in our camera bags. So we decided to throw open our camera bag to our readers and explain why we own, what we own. 

Warning! This article may contain a lot of photography jargon, you have been warned.