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A trekking stove primer for the Indian Himalayas - Part 3 - Choosing the right stove

Having covered stove fuel in part 1 and the different types of stoves in part 2 we move on to stove usage. There is no one size that fits all when it comes to trekking stoves. Different hikers have different requirements for trekking stoves. In essence, the choice for a stove, boils down (pun intended) to the following factors

  1. Cost
  2. Three vs four season or winter use
  3. Group size
  4. Simmering / Gourmet vs boiling water

In this final post we construe various trekking profiles and shed some light on which stove is suitable for a each trekker profile.

A trekking stove primer for Indian Himalayas - Part 2 Stove Types

After comparing different fuel types in Part 1, we move on to the various kinds of stoves available for trekking. The discussion on fuels (see part 1) was essential, because the type of fuel used often defines the characteristics and performance of a trekking stove. In this second part of this three part series we discuss various stove types, their pros and cons especially applicable to the Indian Himalayas and some stove handling tips.

A trekking stove primer for the Indian Himalayas. Part 1 - An introduction to fuels

With today's technology and lightweight materials, a trekking stove doesn't have to be bulky and heavy. Yet with all the different styles of stoves and types of fuel that they burn, making the right choice is not an easy decision. Each type of stove has its advantages and disadvantages. In these series of articles we analyse different kinds of stoves and their pros and cons. Our focus in this article is especially on what kind of stove works or doesn't work in the Indian Himalayas. Armed with this information, you can make a purchase that's right for your climate and  trekking style.