Weekly trekking tales #11

Weekly trekking tales #11

Climbing the Himalayas in the 70s

For most Indians growing up like me in the 1960s and early seventies, mountaineering was a glamorous, exotic and expensive pursuit best left to those fortunate souls sponsored by the Army, Navy or Air Force. I could not persuade my father to part with the princely sum of Rs. 300/- to pay for a Basic Mountaineering Course at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling!
— Aloke Surin

Read an anecdotal account of an Indian climbing the Himalayas in the 70s at Loop - Whole.

Steep Trails in Arizona (U.S.)

Mountain biking the upper section of Hangover in Sedona Arizona with Alex Petitdemange. Don't fall right! #FollowCamFriday 

Often humorous, thought provoking outdoor stories 

The Dirtbag Diaries is a grassroots podcast dedicated to the sometimes serious, often humorous, stories from wild places. Hailed by Outside magazine as the best outdoor podcast. 

60 seconds of life affirming lessons

Created by filmmaker Nora Jaccaud and sound engineer Arie van der Poel in 2014, Human Postcards is an ongoing series of one-minute video portraits of everyday people who offer unexpected insights about life and death and everything in between. To date, the duo has filmed subjects in New Zealand, France, Indonesia and Singapore.

Take 60 second to meet Jake, an Arctic Driftologist and Triple Amputee. Jake lost his legs and hand 6 years ago in a snow storm in Greenland. He overcame this obstacle and inspires any person going through a mental or physical hard time to make the first step towards life: TO TRY. 

Do Hot Drinks Really Warm You Up?

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) finds out and the answer may surprise you.

29er fun in the Himalayas

Thanks to Johann, we get to ride the fabled Yeti SB4.5c 29er in J&K. If you think Leh in winters is nuts, Johann is planning a fat bike expedition in Leh in winter 2016-17.

Mountains that you cannot ignore - Chomolungma

Experience the beauty of Mt. Everest at night in time-lapse. While most climbers slept, I attempted to capture some of the magic that the Himalayan skies have to offer while climbing to the top of the world. Here's a bit of what I endured at the end to make this possible. 

Blast from the Past

We have always enjoyed Never Cry Wolf (1983) for its hypnotic landscapes and a thought provoking story. 

Backpack Deal

28% off on Deuter Futura 32 liter backpack at Amazon India.

Indian Gear

VIP, One of India's oldest luggage manufacturers, forays into trekking bags with its Skybag series. Their Voyage 45 Liter backpack is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 3850.

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Tip #5 - Using clouds to predict weather patterns in the Himalayas

Tip #5 - Using clouds to predict weather patterns in the Himalayas

Tip #4 - Minimising trail impact while trekking in the Indian Himalayas (infographic)