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Online stores for hiking & trekking gear in India – A compendium


With the start of the 2016 trekking season, most trekkers will be looking to buy new outdoor gear or to replace their frayed and existing gear. 2015-16 has seen a tectonic shift in the Indian outdoor gear market. The choices available to the Indian trekker have increased exponentially with international majors, homegrown brands and dedicated retail outdoor outlets setting up shop in India. Today we compile a list of various trekking gear brands, online stores and gear buying options available to the Indian trekker this trekking season.

1. Decathlon India

Decathlon is still the most popular multi-sport retail outlet in India with the most comprehensive range of hiking and trekking accessories at mid-budget prices. Immense retail presence in India with 37 stores (as of 1 March 2016) and a dedicated e-commerce retail portal

Updated with corrections from Shreyas Shastry at Decathlon India. Thank You!

2. Wildcraft India

India’s best-known home brand with over 140 retail stores and their own online portal. Wildcraft’s trekking lineup is a mixed bag and we find their offerings geared towards the traveller and the casual trekker. Nonetheless, with the launch of their recent Hypdadura range we see a positive shift towards more hardcore trekking gear. However, we refuse to take Wildcraft seriously until the time they don’t share their product weight on their product detail pages. Wildcraft products are also available on Amazon India.

3. Columbia India

Columbia Sportswear is a major US player that is slowly building up a considerable retail presence in India. View Columbia India retail store list. Their trekking lineup is limited to premium clothing and footwear but the product quality is good. Their online portal offers free shipping on orders over Rs 1000.

4. Deuter

(pronounced Doy-ter) – Deuter is a German brand that is famous for its premium hiking backpacks. They have partnered with Amazon India to bring their AC light and air contact series. Shop for Deuter on Amazon India.


5. Trek Kit

Relatively new kid on the block and based out of Mohali (Chandigarh) this store deals with premium brands including Lowe Alpine, CraghoppersGrivelRab and Salomon. Their online portal offers offers end of year discounts. We feel they have an excellent inventory of premium trekking gear.

6. Coleman

Coleman is a budget camping gear manufacturer from the United States. Their products are geared towards the casual hiker. Coleman products are available in India via a dedicated View Coleman Amazon India Store.

7. KingCamp

KingCamp is  a Chinese manufacturer of budget hiking equipment. The company was founded in 2002 and their products are available via Amazon India. View KingCamp Amazon India Store.

8. Outdoor Travel Gear

Caters to all disciplines from cycling to hiking and motorcycling. They have a decent selection of hiking products and a website that is reliable and easier to navigate than other online stores. View online store. They also have retail outlets in Mumbai, Goa and Thane (view retail outlets).

9. Adventure 18

A multi-discipline adventure store with retail outlets in Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Siliguri and Manali. The online store is iffy, sometimes the payment gateway works, other times it doesn’t. View online store.

10. Stikage

Perhaps the oldest adventure gear manufacturer in India. Based in Delhi, their products and website have not been updated for this decade (yet). No payment gateway, you have to call in and transfer money to order their products, which are then promptly delivered via courier. View catalog.

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