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Trekking & Photography Tip # 2 – Two essential but oft-forgotten items

On a trek, photography does not stop when the sun goes down. Sunsets, star trails, moonlit mountains, a lit up tents often make the best subjects for outdoor photography. Nevertheless, in order to take such photographs, a trekker needs to be prepared with the right photo gear and the right gear for the photographer. Normally, we spend a lot of time fretting over our photo gear but we forget to pack the right gear for the photographer.

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Trekking & Photography Tip # 1 – Two essential camera filters

There are two filters that are essential to landscape photography.

Circular Polarising Filter (CPL)

Graduated Neutral Density filter (GND)

Why do we call these filters essential? Well simply because the effect of a polarising filter cannot be replicated in post-processing. On the other hand, a Graduated Neutral Density filter helps give your photograph the extra oomph.

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The Road To A Better Outdoor Photographer

What we are trying to emphasise is that gear has little impact on your photography so put the “magical” thinking out of your mind. What we recommend instead is to pick one phone, point & shoot or a camera and lens that you own or you can beg, borrow or scrounge and forget about buying new gear for the next year. Stop surfing to gear review sites and internet forums and instead spend that time on taking photographs.

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