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Making a fire with wet wood

All of us have struggled to get a fire going ​using wet wood. Well no more. Watch the video and douse those fears. This fail-proof method starts a fire, every-time anytime.

How to make an inexpensive and long-lasting fire starter?

An inexpensive and sure fast fire starter that will work flawlessly in wet and windy hiking conditions. The perfect way to get a fire going? Find out in our monsoon trekking tip video

The big Power Bank capacity cover up

If you carry or intend to carry a power bank while out hiking, then this article is a must read for you.

Tip #9 – Fleece vs Fleece

So is Decathlon’s Forclaz 50 the optimum fleece choice for Rs. 599 or does the Forclaz 200 have features that justify its price of Rs. 999 and makes it a better value for money? Find out in our trekking gear tip.

Tip #8 – Watch out for dislodged stones!

This oft repeated Gaddi tip is extremely applicable on Indian Himalayan trails. 

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