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The most spectacular views over the easiest possible trail – Day trek from Chowari Jot to Dainkund



The DainkundChowari Jot trek is an easy yet spectacularly scenic day trek near Dalhousie and Chamba (H.P.). This trek is a mule trail that links Chowari Jot near Chamba with Pholani Devi Temple at Dainkund. It is a 5.7 kilometre long trail with no steep ascends or descends. This is an excellent trek for beginners and children. 

 Shepherd shelter Chowari Jot to Dainkund trek.

Shepherd shelter Chowari Jot to Dainkund trek.

 Looking over Chowari - Lahru valley.

Looking over Chowari – Lahru valley.

The most spectacular views over the easiest possible trail.

This quote sums up Chowari Jot – Dainkund trek for any aspiring trekker. No trail around Dalhousie and Khajjiar affords such majestic views of the Himalayas throughout the journey. Chowari Jot and Dainkund are linked via a 6 kilometre ridge that undulates between an elevation of 2450 and 2750 metres above sea level. The motorable road on the other hand, dips down steeply to Khajjiar from Chowari Jot and then rises to Dainkund, a total distance of around 30 kilometres. Walking along this ridge provides unparalleled views of Pir Panjal and the Middle Himalayas. This route is frequented by locals as a faster than bus alternative route to Pholani Devi temple and by shepherds grazing their livestock. This day trek is an excellent trail for a day out with children, family and friends. 

 Sheep resting near a Gaddi hut on Chowari Jot - Dainkund trek

Sheep resting near a Gaddi hut on Chowari Jot – Dainkund trek

Trek Details

The trail starts at the viewpoint the overlooks the car parking at Chowari Jot. From this viewpoint, the trail meanders along the various viewpoints dotted along the Chowari Jot ridge. After the viewpoints the trail passes along an ugly mini concrete dam. This Frankenstein dam was created by HPTDC (Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Council) to promote tourism (sigh). After the dam, the trail follows the ridge in a northerly direction over several grassy meadows. About two kilometres from the starting point at Chowari Jot the radars at the airforce station in Dainkund are visible on the horizon. From this point onwards, the trail is dotted with numerous small ponds, shepherd shelters, viewpoints and prospective camping grounds. Be advised that these ponds do not contain potable water, and they are generally used by shepherds for watering their livestock.

 Pond along Chowari Jot  - Dainkund day trek.

Pond along Chowari Jot  – Dainkund day trek.

Four and a half kilometres from the start the trail meanders into a long winding left hand turn. A small shepherd shelter along a pond immediately after this turn is the best viewpoint and picnic spot on this trail. After the shepherd shelter the trail passes through a grove of trees and emerges near the Pholani Devi temple at Dainkund. From the temple, you may choose to continue to Dalhousie, Khajjiar or on to the vehicle parking at Dainkund.

 Viewpoint near Dainkund.

Viewpoint near Dainkund.

Trek Summary




1.5 – 3 hours


5.7 kilometres


2741 metres


Chowari Jot (H.P.) car parking


Pholani Devi Temple at Dainkund (H.P.)


Buses ply regularly to Chowari Jot, from Dalhousie, Chamba and Lahru. The last bus from Dalhousie to Chowari Jot leaves Dalhousie GPO at 1530 hours and passes through Khajjiar at 1630 hours. From Chamba bus stand the last HRTC (Himachal Roadways Transport Corporation) bus leaves for Chowari Jot at 1600 hours. Taxis can be rented from Dalhousie and Chamba


A small budget hotel is situated at Chowari Jot. A couple of restaurants sell simple home cooked meals and a licensed wine shop sells Old Monk. HPTDC viewpoint shelters make excellent sheltered camping area.


An easy trek with no steep ascends or descents over a well defined mule trail. This trail is visible on Google Maps.


Pleasant during the day till from March to November and very cold at night.

 route overview - Chowari Jot to Dainkund ( view in google maps )

route overview – Chowari Jot to Dainkund ( view in google maps )

 elevation graph - Chowari Jot to Dainkund ( what is this? )

elevation graph – Chowari Jot to Dainkund ( what is this? )

Caution – No potable water along the route. Ensure that you carry adequate potable water. It can get very cold at night. If you are planning to camp overnight, make sure to carry enough warm clothes.

Essential Gear

  • One litre of water per person
  • Sunscreen and a visored cap / hat for a sunny day
  • Cheese and a bottle of white wine with a picnic basket

Downloads and GPS logs

GPS route map in .GPX and .KML format. GPX works with most GPS devices like Garmin and TomTom while KML works with Google products like Maps and Earth.

View the trekking route in Google Maps by clicking this link.


  1. sarthak ohri

    Do you have any Inormation on Buses which ply from Nurpur to Jot via Lahru. I have been searching for a while but there is nothing about it over internet. If possible, please enclose the timings .

  2. Anushka

    These pictures are amazing!
    I’m a little concerned, is it safe for a solo woman traveler during first week of January?

    • Bharat Singh Bhadwal

      Yes the place is safe from a solo woman perspective. If you’re in Dalhousie, have your taxi drop you off at Dainkund and pick you up from Chowari Jot. However, in January depending on the snow the trail may be obscured. I recommend carrying the GPS logs on your smartphone

  3. arjun kohar

    do u know where can i get good trail maps which are detailed and contains added information

    • Arun detailed trail maps are difficult , if not impossible to come by. This is the reason all our trek reports come with free downloadable GPS logs. These GPS logs may be downloaded and added to your smartphone / GPS device. We strive to list all important waypoints like water points and view points in our GPS logs. Perhaps you should start with these and tell us if they are detailed enough for your purpose.

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