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Weekly trekking tales #10


Checking your phone could be ruining your health

Scientists are still figuring out the potential downsides of having the miniature computers known as smartphones forever in our pockets, but the research so far suggests that these devices are having a long-term detrimental effect on both our posture and mood. Read more

Chris Townsend’s favourites

If you are planning to go abroad check out Chris Townsend’s favourite gear of the year 2015. Chris Townsend’s The Backpacker’s Handbook won the Outdoor Writer’s Guild Award for Excellence in 1993 and is a perennial favorite here at inditramp.

The coldest crossing clarified

The Icelandic Alpine Club clarifies the real story behind the Coldest Crossing.

Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib

A travel itenerary to Valley of Flowers by DevilOnWheels

Hemis National Park

 Not what we would call the best cold weather trekking clothes

Not what we would call the best cold weather trekking clothes

Despite the poor gear selection and preparation, Solo backpacker has an excellent time at Hemis National Park. Read about this camping trip in a two part series (part 1, part 2)

Grivel Figure 8 Belay

Grivel’s figure 8 belay device now available on Flipkart for Rs 1400. Grivel features an asymmetrical curve that provides one side with extra friction and one side with less friction. It also has lightning holes for cooling and weighs a mere 65 grams.

World’s loudest whistle

Storm which claims to be the world’s loudest whistle, is available on Amazon India. Not only are these whistles incredibly loud but they are totally waterproof. Storm claims this whistle can be heard over a 1/4 of a mile through trees and over a 1/2 mile over water.

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