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Weekly trekking tales #12 – Photography Special


Photographers worth following

“When I sold my first photograph for $500, I thought, “Wow! I only have to shoot one photo a month and I’ll be able to live like this forever!”

— Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin born 1973–5 is a professional climber, mountaineer, skier, director and photographer. Jimmy’s 2011 first ascent of Shark’s Fin with Conrad Anker and Renan Ozturk in the Garhwal Himalayas was nominated for a Piolet d’Or award, awarded the Golden Piton by Climbing Magazine for Best Big Wall Climb of the Year and voted the #1 ascent of the year by Rock and Ice Magazine. Excerpt from an interview:

 harrys-jimmy-chin-long.jpg. Images courtesy of Harry’s.

harrys-jimmy-chin-long.jpg. Images courtesy of Harry’s.

You’ve been described as an “accidental photographer” who entered the profession almost unintentionally. Is that how you see yourself?

I never imagined being a photographer when I was growing up and I didn’t study photography at all in school. However, I did fall in love instantly with shooting when I first looked through a view finder on a camera. I loved the constrained perspective and my mind naturally wanted to compose images. I should say that I was a young climbing/ski bum, travelling around to climbing areas and ski resorts and living out of my car at the time. I lived on practically nothing. When I sold my first photograph for $500, I thought, “Wow! I only have to shoot one photo a month and I’ll be able to live like this forever!” I find it amusing to think I came into photography for the money and not the creative aspects of the craft. 

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Jon Griffith needs no introduction for regular readers on inditramp. We have frequently featured his work on our Facebook page. Based in Chamonix, France, Jonathan has climbed the world over and established himself as one of the world’s leading mountain sports photographers.

 © John Griffith Photography

© John Griffith Photography

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Jan Reurink is our Dutch connection. The first time we came across Jan’s photo stream was when we were looking for a picture of Tibet and it was his set of “Riding With the Wind Horse 2008” that caught our attention. Since then, his photo stream has never failed to inspire us. He covers so many aspects of the land of Tibet in very sensitive way, revealing beauty in even the most common things. His pictures of the local people do not concentrate on the glamour or the picturesque, but the ordinary and the sense of friendliness of the people.

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Join Sandesh Kadur, an award-winning wildlife filmmaker & photographer, on a multi-sensory journey based on his acclaimed book & documentary “Sahyadris: Mountains of the Monsoon”, through a confluence of stunning retina-ready images, brilliant documentary videos and insightful narrative. This documentary and the book were part of the submission that helped convince UNESCO to name the Western Ghats a World Heritage site. It took Sandesh over 15 years to capture the beauty & life of Sahyadris – a UNESCO World Heritage region that harbours the most intact rainforests in peninsular India – its countless species of plants and animals that are found nowhere else on earth, its vast natural landscapes, and its rich ethnic and cultural diversity.

Sandesh is one of India’s best-known and widely published wildlife filmmaker & photographer. His films have been shown on TV networks like Discovery, National Geographic and British Broadcasting Corp. He has won prestigious awards from institutions like National Geographic, Green Oscars and Chicago International Film Festival.

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Photography Tutorials

If you are just starting out with photography or are looking to brush up your fundamentals? Cambridge In Colour produces the best written tutorials available free on the web.



“This book offers a set of tools that a photographer can use to promote their own sense of art and beauty. While your photographs reflect your individual taste and vision, the tools in this book give you options to highlight or diminish the elements in the photograph and as a result, lift those images to something more, something even better. The authors have done an amazing job by writing about a difficult subject in an easy style that allows the reader to fully understand the concepts of lighting and how it will shape your images.” – Apogee Photo Magazine

No matter what camera you use, photography is all about manipulating light. Without light, there would be no photographs. The best book to learn about light, texture, surfaces and more is available on Amazon India.



We recently watched Meru and we were spellbound. Meru is a 2015 documentary film chronicling the first ascent of the “Shark’s Fin” route on Meru Peak in the Indian Himalayas. It was co-directed by married couple Jimmy Chin (the photographer mentioned above) and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and won the U.S. Audience Documentary Award at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

If you love the mountains you owe it to yourself to watch this movie.


Photo Gear

Sony has been producing some definitive mirrorless cameras off late. Even better news is that they have a dedicated online store on Amazon India and Snapdeal.

Their latest offering the A6000 is the most feature packed camera at a bargain price. Available on Amazon India with kit lens and as a body-only version on Snapdeal.

25% off and more on Nikon and Canon APS-C sensor DSLRS at Amazon India.

A digital camera ain’t going anywhere without a memory card. Sandisk Extreme Pro is the only card we trust in extreme temperatures. It is the cheapest on Amazon India.

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